Monday, December 28, 2015

Team #SaveAmysHouse

I'm honored to have been nominated again this year, for Healthline's Best Health Blog of 2015 contest.  Not only would winning show people that chronic pain/fatigue illnesses such as Fibromyalgia, CFS/ME, Lupus, RA, etc are NOT invisible, winning would also help me save my house.  Being single and sick, money is always extremely tight.  I had gotten behind on my property taxes and now I'm on a set payment schedule to catch them up and keep them current.  If I miss a payment, my house goes into foreclosure.  I have to pay around $1750 in February.  I receive $470/month from SSI.  You can see the dilemma here.  If I could win first place, that would give me a big fighting chance to save my home.

Healthline Best Blog Nominee

To vote for me, just click the above photo.  Then, scroll down until you see The Fibro Frog and click the vote button.  It will come up with the options for you to vote using facebook or twitter.  You click one of those.  Then, do it again clicking whichever one you didn't vote with the first time.  It allows you to vote using BOTH social media sites once every 24 hours during the contest period.  I also ask that you share this post on all of your social media sites!  Join Team #SaveAmysHouse and vote every day!!

Thank you so much, friends.  I always tell all of you to never give up HOPE, and I'm not going to either!  If all of of spoonies band together, we can do this!!