Friday, October 30, 2015

$80 Away From Saving My House

I've come a long way in 2 days time.  I started needing $1003.  By keeping $70 of my SSI payment that will hit my bank in the morning of $470,  to pay my electric and gas, I knew I'd have $400 to go towards it.  Tonight, I was able to sell my semi-pro camera for $295.  I had 3 generous froggies paypal me a total of $227.  So, I'm $81 away from having the money to pay the 1/5 of the taxes that has to be paid by tomorrow afternoon.  -I have a dollar in change to cover that other $1 haha.  So I'm very, very close!  I have a laptop for sale on the area garage sale sites and hoping that it will sell in time.  If it does, then it will leave me a tad left over even.  Please think positive thoughts for me.  I need all I can get!!  The stress of this situation has me flaring like no other.  I feel as if it may just be the death of me!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Now Fibro Is Stealing My Home

Fibro had taken almost everything from me.  It stole my marriage, my friends, my social life, my dignity ...the list goes on and on.  Now, it's stealing the last thing I have left.  My home.

This is what social security gives me a month:

Therefore, I've gotten behind on my property taxes.  This is what I'm behind:
They informed me this afternoon that I have until the office closes on Friday (yep, 3 days from now) to pay $1,003 or they're starting foreclosure proceedings on my home.  If I only pay my electric and gas bill this coming month, I can come up with $350 of that $1,003.  That still puts me $650 short.

I'm beyond upset and stressed to say the least.  We all know what stress does to us.  Yeah, I'm in a huge flare and can't stop crying.  I don't know what to do.  My friend suggested a GoFundMe account, but they take money out what is donated, plus I wouldn't have time to get the donations then wait on it to be transfered to my bank account.  That takes a few days.  And I only have a few days until they need the money.

The only thing I can think to do, is paypal because I have a paypal debit card so I have immediate access to the funds.  I know this is no one's problem but my own, but on the off chance that anyone wants to help, my paypal email address is:  jaammull@aol.com.

Any shares to any and all of your social media accounts would be greatly appreciated.  I cannot stand what Fibro has done to me both physically and mentally.  Before I was sick, I used to work my ass off.  Now, I have nothing.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Create Awareness and Show Your Support

For the next two weeks you can order a t-shirt, long sleeved tee, or a hoodie.  Multiple colors to choose from!  Help create awareness everywhere you go when wearing one of these.  Without more education about our illness, and more advocating for further research, a cure will never be found.  How cool would it be if someone stopped you when wearing one of these, and asked you "Exactly what IS Fibromyalgia?".   ORDER YOURS BY CLICKING HERE