Friday, October 30, 2015

$80 Away From Saving My House

I've come a long way in 2 days time.  I started needing $1003.  By keeping $70 of my SSI payment that will hit my bank in the morning of $470,  to pay my electric and gas, I knew I'd have $400 to go towards it.  Tonight, I was able to sell my semi-pro camera for $295.  I had 3 generous froggies paypal me a total of $227.  So, I'm $81 away from having the money to pay the 1/5 of the taxes that has to be paid by tomorrow afternoon.  -I have a dollar in change to cover that other $1 haha.  So I'm very, very close!  I have a laptop for sale on the area garage sale sites and hoping that it will sell in time.  If it does, then it will leave me a tad left over even.  Please think positive thoughts for me.  I need all I can get!!  The stress of this situation has me flaring like no other.  I feel as if it may just be the death of me!

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