Chronic Pain Seminar

I'm offering a chronic pain seminar to not only lend support, tips, and resources to people that are effected by chronic pain, but also to educate those who are not sufferers, as to what a day in the life of a chronic pain sufferer is truly like.  This seminar is exceptional for all friends and family members, and especially any one working in the health care field.  I've unfortunately found in my journey with Fibromyalgia that a lot of receptionists, secretaries, nurses, and unfortunately even a lot of general or emergency room doctors really doesn't understand the concept of what Fibromyalgia, Migraine sufferers, and other chronic pain ailments are truly like for the person that's afflicted.  This is no way intended to look at those health care workers in a derogatory way, it's just so hard for anyone to really understand unless they're also a sufferer.  One time, I called a Fibromyalgia Clinic that I was a patient at, and I told the doctors nurse that I was having horrible spasms that felt like charley horse type of cramps, but in my side and my stomach.  She said with a really disgusted tone "THAT doesn't sound like it's anything related to Fibromyalgia".  Really?  Hmmm ..... I had a nurse at an ER once ask me if I had any chronic illnesses.  When I replied that I have Fibromyalgia the response was a long drawn out "Okkkkk do you have any real chronic illnesses".  Ugh.  I could've screamed!! This is just a few instances of misinformation that I've encountered in the medical field.  I can't blame these medical professionals, because they just don't know.

I'm willing to travel anywhere in the U.S. to present this seminar provided that my travel expenses are covered along with my seminar fees.  I'm also willing to present this seminar as a webinar, providing that I have at least 4 people sign up for a designated time slot.  Please contact me at your earliest convenience if you'd like to book either a seminar or a webinar and we can find a time that works for both of us!  Let's start educating people about what a day in the life of a chronic pain sufferer is truly like!  Book my seminar "Living With Chronic Pain - A Patient's View".


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