Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Now Fibro Is Stealing My Home

Fibro had taken almost everything from me.  It stole my marriage, my friends, my social life, my dignity ...the list goes on and on.  Now, it's stealing the last thing I have left.  My home.

This is what social security gives me a month:

Therefore, I've gotten behind on my property taxes.  This is what I'm behind:
They informed me this afternoon that I have until the office closes on Friday (yep, 3 days from now) to pay $1,003 or they're starting foreclosure proceedings on my home.  If I only pay my electric and gas bill this coming month, I can come up with $350 of that $1,003.  That still puts me $650 short.

I'm beyond upset and stressed to say the least.  We all know what stress does to us.  Yeah, I'm in a huge flare and can't stop crying.  I don't know what to do.  My friend suggested a GoFundMe account, but they take money out what is donated, plus I wouldn't have time to get the donations then wait on it to be transfered to my bank account.  That takes a few days.  And I only have a few days until they need the money.

The only thing I can think to do, is paypal because I have a paypal debit card so I have immediate access to the funds.  I know this is no one's problem but my own, but on the off chance that anyone wants to help, my paypal email address is:  jaammull@aol.com.

Any shares to any and all of your social media accounts would be greatly appreciated.  I cannot stand what Fibro has done to me both physically and mentally.  Before I was sick, I used to work my ass off.  Now, I have nothing.


  1. I hear ya I get $700 a month and my rent is $925 which is the cheapest place there is

  2. So sorry, understand your pain, I have tried for 9yr to get my SSD, but everytime they have denied me. Have so many medical bills, I can't pay, but they don't want to hear that. Appealed my case for the third time, and have my fourth court date, in Fed. of 2016 . Dk what is going to happen, this time just pray I'm finally approved this time. That is a tough spot you're in, Our rent 570.00 and behind, been warned before with advictson .