Monday, July 29, 2013

Glass Dharma Giveaway

Ok, so it's widely knows that I am a bit of a straw-aholic.  I love straws.  I think I drink more water or unsweetened tea when I use them as opposed to not using them.  I hate wasting them though.  I've been known to use the same straw for as long as a week.  Ewww, I know, but in my defense it's only water or unsweetened tea and it's only me using it.  Well, I've found a solution to that Eww factor-- Glass Dharma Glass Straws!

I received a regular straight one with a cleaning brush (yay!  sanitary straws without waste!)

A bent straw for those "bendy" straw lovers.

This one is a straight one with blue dots on it.  I'll show you in a moment why this one is so good for me!

 I also received a small, coffee stirrer sized straw with amber dots and a cleaning brush.

So far I have tried the straight straw and the bent straw.  Loved both, however they will work better in a smaller glass than my huge 32oz reusable cup that I was using that day.
I'm happy to help my friend Shauna, over at Pickles and Peppers blog, out with this giveaway! This looks really cool, and I'd love for one of my readers to win this! Now, the reason I absolutely LOVED the straight straw with blue dots.  It held the straw in my big cup!!!  If you've ever used one of these cups you know how that have the corrugated plastic straws that stain and get dirty really quick.  They are nearly impossible to clean & I threw mine out months ago because I couldn't be sure it was clean.  I was sooooo happy to have a straw for my favorite cup again!  And one that I can get clean!
 So the bent straw went very well with my new iced tea in my regular glass.  I love it!  Isn't it so pretty with the lemon slice?
Find out more about why glass is better here & Glass Dharma's Guarantee here.
What makes Glass Dharma different?  Find out here.
You can read Glass Dharma's blog here, see more pictures here, or order your own straws and brushes (note brushes are sold separately unless otherwise stated in the product description) on their website.
Now that I've told you how awesome Glass Dharma Glass Straws are, here's the great news!  They are going to give one lucky winner a $25 Gift Certificate Gift Code to use in their online store!  Enter in the Giveaway Tool below for your chance to win!

Facebook is in no way affiliated with this giveaway.  We hereby release Facebook from any potential liability.

Pickles and Peppers Blog, or The Fibro Frog, is not responsible for prize fulfillment and/or shipment.

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