Sunday, August 11, 2013

Take The Spoon Week Challenge

Dear Readers,

A reader of Fibrotastic Mom approached her with an idea for a challenge that will spread awareness.  Fibrotastic Mom then approached me, asking if I'd be willing to jump on board, too.  Well, you all know me, anything to create awareness and education, I'm all for!  The Fibro Frog's motto is all about awareness and education, because without it, we'll never have the backing for enough research to find a cure.  Or at the very least, a concrete, universal treatment plan that works for everyone!  I'm repeating my words now for about the millionth time, so let's just move on to the challenge lol.

Starting tomorrow, through next Sunday, August 18, 2013, when you go out in public ...anywhere ...to the store, to work, to the beach, to a fair or festival or any kind of outing ....take a spoon with you.  Then, take a photo of yourself out in public with the spoon in hand, and then post it on facebook!  You can also post it on Fibrotastic Mom's facebook page (get there by clicking her name), on my facebook page The Fibro Frog, ...or on Christine Miserandino's facebook page: But You Don't Look Sick.  How cool is it that Christine, the original author of The Spoon Theory, is on board with us on this?!  She said if we post our pictures there too, that she will share them and thought this is an awesome idea!

The thought behind this idea, is to flood facebook with photos of us all holding spoons.  So then, people will ask us about it and ask why we're holding a spoon.  That's our opening to talk to them about Fibromyalgia and educate them about what a day in our lives is really like.  How we only have so many spoons to use each day, for us to make it through.  If we can get facebook flooded with these photos, just think of the awareness and education that we'll be able to spread!  This could be huge, guys!  -But it's going to take all of us to make this work.  

You are welcome, and in fact we'd love for you to steal the photo above, and turn it into your facebook cover for the week.  If you go to PicMonkey, then click on "college" on the left side, then click on the layouts tab, there's an option to upload the photo into a FB cover layout to turn the pic into a FB cover photo.  PicMonkey is free to use.  Then, make your pic of you holding your spoon out in public, your profile pic!  -Don't forget to send the photo (or upload directly if the page allows that option), to either Fibrotastic Mom, Christine's, or The Fibro Frog's facebook page.  -It would be GREAT if you'd upload the photo to all three of our pages!!  

Let's face it.  None of us like living with Fibro.  We don't like the fact that we can't be the same person who we still mentally feel we should be.  We don't like putting limits on ourselves.  Not being able to play with our children and/or grandchildren the way we'd like to.  Having to pace ourselves so we don't run out of spoons.  Not having a clear memory, or forgetting what we were doing or saying.  We don't like being as tired when we wake up, as when we went to bed.  Or having insomnia for sometimes days at a time.  We don't like the aches and pains. The sore, cramping, muscles and muscle spasms and charely horses.  We don't like Fibromyalgia numbness, or feeling like someone took a match and lit every nerve in our body on fire.  Feeling as if we live every. single. day. of our lives with having the flu.  Therefore, all of us should be willing to do our part in this fight against Fibromyalgia.  I've said it all along guys & gals.  -If we don't educate and advocate, then there will never be enough pressure to force enough research to find our cure.  Let's all jump on this, and make it the biggest, best Spoon Week that we can make it!

Much Love & Butterfly Hugs to you all,

The Fibro Frog 

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  1. I love it! Thank you for blogging about this! My goodness YES YES YES a cure that works for ALL OF US! xoxo