Saturday, September 22, 2012

Education Is The Key

This represents me.  I will never stop advocating for research on fibromyalgia and other chronic pain conditions.  I will never stop trying to educate those who doesn't understand chronic pain conditions.  I will never stop trying to book my seminar, so that I can educate as many people as possible about the hell that we live with every day of our lives.  This is also me because this photo represents the beauty that I can capture with my camera.  Yes, I took this picture and many others.  I used to go out and take photos several times a week.  I was a freelance photographer.  I still take photos but nearly as often as I used to.  Now, when I do take them I can only do a few at a time because the weight of holding the camera up kills my neck and my arms.  Standing to take the photos, puts spasms in my back.  I've had times that I actually cry, because I want to take photos but my illness won't allow me to.  This photo, along with my own quote is what keeps me going.  We need to educate people about our lives living with this monster.  We need to demand more funding for research.  We have to have hope and  carry on.  So that we can someday hopefully get our lives back, and so I can start doing the one thing that brings me intense happiness and pleasure ....taking more photos of more sunsets reflecting off the water.  Serene tranquility.  Peacefulness.  Self worth.  Happiness.  Our normalcy and lives.  To get these qualities and more back, we have to educate.  If anyone has a contact that may be interested in booking my chronic pain seminar, please pass along my contact info.  If anyone knows of any businesses, groups, or even just regular people like you & I that would donate to my seminar fund, please pass this blog address on to them.  The donate button for my Go Fund Me account is on the right hand side of this blog, close to the top.  Even $1 adds up if every one contributes.  It isn't the amount of money donated, it's the volume of people who donate. Help me to help all of us. Please share this photo by sharing this blog post.  The more people who see this photo, the more awareness we're bringing to the issue.  Remember, education is key.

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