Monday, February 3, 2014

Play Games and Earn Free GC's and Merchandise

People with Fibro, CFS, and autoimmune diseases are often bed and/or house-bound due to pain and fatigue.  I know beyond a doubt how boring and daunting this can be, so I turn to the internet for my entertainment.  I found a game site a few months ago, that's free to join and free to play the games.  -Because let's face it, $$$$ is usually an issue for those of us with chronic health problems.  Most of us can't work anymore, we have co-pays for doctor and specialist visits, prescriptions, etc.that eat away at our budgets.  I liked the site so well, I applied to become an ambassador for them,a nd was accepted!

You play games to earn points.  They also have game tournaments that you use points to enter, to win a prize or to win more points back.  They have auctions for new merchandise, that you use your points to bid with.  They also have a rewards page, where if you see something you'd like to have, you use your points to "order" the item.

I've done real well since joining the site.  I've earned 2-$25 Amazon GC's, one $25 pre-paid Visa card, a mini-sampler box of See's Candies, an infinity necklace, and my latest prize?  On Feb. 1st I won an auction for a Keurig B40 Elite!!!!  It's been shipped so it should be here sometime this week!  The Keurig is for me, but I'm going to keep building up rewards all year long, so that Christmas won't cost me anything at all out of pocket this year!

You too can earn rewards by joining the free game site! Just click HERE to sign up!  Earn free rewards + gives us hours of free entertainment = a win for us all!

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