Tuesday, March 22, 2016

I'm Proud To Be A Spoonie

I'm Proud To Be A Spoonie.
I'm Strong, Independent, & 
Fearless.  I Wake Up
& Put One Foot InFront Of The Other.
I Stare Pain &
Fatigue In The Eye.
I'm A Warrior.  I
Fight Every Day
Because That's
The Only Choice I 
Have.  This Isn't The 
Life I Asked For, But
I Face It With Grace.  I
Never Give Up HOPE
Because I Am A Spoonie.

This shirt is available in a women's t-shirt, a men's t-shirt, or a unisex tank top with multiple color choices available!  The wording is printed on the back of the shirt and front is plain.  Proudly let the world know that you're a Spoonie!  Place your order, by clicking HERE!!

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