Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dear Mr. RN Quinton,

So many things to say.  Where do I even start. Hmmm .....first, I'd like to say that I'm not sure how you made it through nursing school when you either obviously can't read, or can't comprehend.  Maybe both even?  This became a "fact" to me because in every single room of the ER where you work, they have great big posters hanging that has the mission and values listed.  The number one thing is that patients will be treated with respect and dignity and compassion from all medical staff.  I'm not sure Mr. RN Quinton, but I really think that would include YOU! I'm sorry to say that you completely fail in this area.

When you ask a person if they have any chronic illnesses, it might be construed as disrespectful when they tell you one of their chronic illnesses is fibromyalgia and you reply with a long drawn out "oookkkkaaayy.  Well, do you have any real chronic illnesses?"

Your second fail followed just moments later.  After you pointing out how swollen the entire top of my hand was, and telling me to take my rings off before they "get stuck", you go to take my pulse and you grab my affected wrist.  As you grab it and start squeezing it, the first indication that you just messed up would have been my body immediately tensing up while I loudly yell "Ouch!  Your thumb is really hurting me!".  You'd think that at that point, you might have immediately let go and took the ONE step to the side that you'd need to take my pulse on the wrist that isn't in any pain or trauma.  I'd think an "Oh gosh! I'm sorry I hurt you" would have quickly followed.  I honestly couldn't believe that instead you said "Well that was your wrist.  I thought you said your hand hurt.  Which is it? Your hand or your wrist?". Are you kidding me?!  I told you that origin of the pain was on my hand about 1/4-1/2 of an inch above my wrist.  You can clearly see that my   hand is swollen from my wrist to my fingers.  After all, you pointed out that I needed to have my rings off because my fingers were swelling.  Therefore I'd think you'd have the common sense to realize that part of your LARGE thumb was also pushing on the spot of origin on my hand, 1/4-1/2" above my wrist and that my wrist itself also has pain and is also swollen along with the hand, and the fingers.

Now, I thought I was going to a hospital to be diagnosed and treated.  I didn't realize that I was going to have to play "baseball" but unfortunately you, Mr. RN, forced me to play.  Your third strike with me?  Yeah, that would be when you were wrapping my hand and kept disgustingly telling me to hold my hand out straight and to keep my fingers spread apart while you were wrapping.  As I was saying "ouch" and gasping from pain taking my breath away as I attempted to hold my fingers apart, I'd think that you'd find a different way for me to position my hand/fingers that wasn't as painful.  I'd already told you that moving my fingers in any way caused me excruciating pain. You wanna know something else?  I was only 4 classes away from sitting for MY nursing state boards and there was no reason in the world for you to even want me to spread my fingers completely apart while you wrapped my hand.  Not my fingers, my hand.  Do you see any reason for him to freak out, unwrap, yell at me to keep my fingers spread, and re-wrap my hand?? Because I sure don't!

You, Mr. RN Quinton, made it crystal clear that you don't believe in fibromyalgia and that you had decided that because of my fibromyalgia that you don't believe in, that you were going to be a complete jerk to me and not care about my current pain that I was there to be seen for.  I would've thought, after you knowing the doctor was freaking out because my x-ray showed two bones in my hand with pointy calcification spots from an old injury, and many bone fragments floating around in my hand, along with the doctor believing that by hitting the palm of my hand falling into the bath tub that it pushed a pointy bone up and severed tendons and ligaments and him calling to refer me to an ortho right away and telling me that I need surgery, would be a clue to you that I honestly was in pain and this wasn't just some "faker fibromyalgia patient" and that maybe you should've cared whether or not you were hurting me wrapping my hand.  (Whew, HUGE run-on sentence but I'm kind of mad and snarky right now and I don't care enough to want to go correct my bad grammer.)  Anyway Mr. RN Quinton, that was your third strike and you were out!

You, Mr. RN Quinton, are a total DHAC (doesn't have a clue).  You, Mr. RN Quinton, are one of the reasons why I put together my Living With Chronic Pain seminar in the first place.  You, Mr. RN Quinton, are why I'm going to call the hospital and attempt to book my seminar in their facility, to present to their staff. Also, you're lucky Mr. RN Quinton, that I absolutely can't stand even the thought of confrontation.  Had that not been the case, I would have completely unloaded on you tonight and it wouldn't have been pleasant.  One more rude, disrespectful move by you tonight would have pushed me over the edge and I wouldn't have been very polite, friendly, or professional.  I had a complete arsenal of words circulating in my head that wasn't very nice!


  1. I am an RN who used to work in the ED. I am sorry that your nurse was such a jerk. I have fibromyalgia myself since 1985 and chronic regional pain syndrome which hurts even worse than fibromyalgia. I understand your frustration. I saw nurses treat patients with similar actions and I always heard "drug-seeker" when a person with fibro came in. I was treated so badly the last time I was in the hospital. My Rheumatologist just retired. He told me then that I could have sued the hospital from that last admission. Again, I am sorry for your bad response from the hospital staff. Did they treat your pain while there? This is another failure if they didn't.

  2. Nope. When the nurse asked about my chronic conditions he also asked what meds I take and wrote them down. He asked if I'd tried taking any of my tramadol for the pain. I told him yes, that I had tried taking 2 of them along with 2 tylenol last night and it didn't do anything at all for my pain. Then he asked what I expected out of my visit. I told him I expected to relieve my pain and to hopefully find out what is causing it. When he came in to discharge me, he told me to take my tramadol or ibuprofen for the pain. I still have Vicodin from my tooth extractions last week so I took 2 of them and that helped some but didn't totally take the pain away. I'm getting ready to take 2 more and then try to go to bed.

  3. Where on God's green earth was the Dr during all this? Good gravy girl! They did not even give you something for the pain?? It sounds like you definitely need to make a phone call to that Hospital today and let them know that obviously that RN is running the ER. I think that I would have had a knee jerk after about the third time that he hurt me and put him in his place. I absolutely dislike the word "HATE" but I hate when jerks act like this. This is exactly why we need to get you going on this seminar!!!!!!

  4. Tammy, where I already take Tramadol they said to just keep using it. The nurse comes into the room by themselves when you first get there, then the doctor comes in to speak with and exam you by theirselves. Then the nurse comes in by themselves again to give you your discharge papers and instructions. *sigh* Last night just reminded me why I created this seminar and why I blog. I may not be able to change everyone's perception of those of us who suffer with chronic pain and invisible illness, but if I can make even one of those people rethink their beliefs then it's worth it. Change happens one person at a time.

  5. I have fibro and alot of other junk. I just had both knees replaced 6 months ago. I don't feel like filling out all the stuff. I just wanted to tell you that it is so good to see someone having the same problems I am. I am friends with Lenore and would love to meet you. My daughter has a blog Mimi's Folly.
    We found out with her that Fibro is not only hereditary but some of us start having problems young. She is so blessed that her Dr. knows about Fibro and she can get help early were I fought Doctors for years that I really did have a problem and wasn't a nut. I am hurting too much to go on. cissi

  6. I also take tramadol and aleve they don't want me taking any more tylenol I am allergic to citrus and codeine. oh, and I live in a very small town area. We live in the country.

  7. Hi Cissi, it's nice to "meet" you! I live in NW Ohio, are you near me? If so, I'd love to meet up sometime! I'm happy that your daughter has a doctor that's on the ball, that means everything. I'm sorry that you're hurting. I hope you get some relief soon. Feel free to also join us on The Fibro Frog facebook page. It's located at: http://www.facebook.com/thefibrofrog