Friday, October 12, 2012

$1 Challenge

Ok everyone, I'm pushing a $1 Challenge until my birthday, November 18th, in hopes that I have enough in donations by then to rent at least ONE conference room and pay for the advertising to hold at least one chronic pain seminar! That's all I want for my birthday ...to be able to educate and advocate for those of us who live with chronic pain and/or invisible illness. Even if you yourself can't donate $1, would you please share the link on your social media sites for others to see? If you're a blogger, would you extend this challenge to your readers? It isn't about the amount of the donation, it's about the volume of donations. If enough people see it and donate even $1, then it will add up quickly! Here's the link: 
GoFundMe Donation Page Please help me to help all of us!  Clicking the butterfly will also take you to the donation page!

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