Monday, October 8, 2012

If You'd Only -------- You Could Cure Yourself

I've heard that phrase SO many times lately that I'm ready to scream, cry, and pull my hair out!  I have a friend who means well, but calls me every few days telling about some cactus-juice-wheat-germ-iodine-swim-in-warm-water-while-blowing-through-a-hose-while-pouring-holy-water-on-my-head cure that works "..and I really mean it because my best-friend's-cousin-who-is-friends-with-my-grandma-who-lives-in-Belgium-with-the-brother-of-a-priest-who-had-a-prophecy-that-this-will-work" was cured of her Fibromyalgia and she had a really bad case of it! Hmmm ....really?  That's so not interesting.

Does this woman honestly believe that if there was a proven "cure" for Fibromyalgia that I wouldn't already have jumped on it?!  Nooo, I wouldn't do that because I like living virtually every day of my life in pain.  I like the fact that I can't go work and make money that I desperately need.  I like feeling as if I have Alzheimers at the age of 41.  I absolutely love trying to talk to someone and then sitting there saying "ummm... ummmm.... shoot!  I forgot what I was going to say.".  I also really love the fact that my concentrate is just so great.  You know, I've only spent close to an hour and a half now to write these two paragraphs.  -Not time consuming what-so-ever.  I absolutely love the insomnia that I deal with on a daily basis.  You know, because life is just so much brighter when you look at it with 2-4 hours of sleep!  I just jump up and down with excitement over the depression that the pain and insomnia cause.

No matter how well meaning people are when they say this stuff to you, it gets really old, really fast.  Seriously, I go to the 2nd rated Rheumatology clinic in the entire U.S.  If there was a cure, they'd know about it.  They'd have me on it.  I wouldn't be desperately advocating for research to find a cure.  I wouldn't be trying so desperately hard to educate people about the myths and truths of living with a chronic pain and fatigue illness.

Every time Sara says something like this, I try to carefully let her know that I appreciate the fact that she cares about me, but that there is NO cure for Fibromyalgia.  She just adamantly keeps arguing with me that isn't true.  This is just another reason why holding my chronic pain seminar is so very important to me.  There's just so many myths out there that need to be dispelled.  If they aren't, then I'm seriously going to lose my mind one of these days and end up completely unloading on one of these well-meaning people in my life. Please remember that I'm doing a $1 challenge, and share it with your family and friends.  My prayer is that I have enough in donations by my birthday, November 18th, to hold at least one seminar.  To pay for the conference room and to pay for advertising.  I challenge everyone who reads this post, to donate $1 to my GoFundMe.org page.  You will find the donate button on the right hand side of this blog.  Once you're on my donation page, I ask that you please share the link on your social media sites.  You all can't imagine how grateful I am for every single $1 donation that's made towards my cause.  If you can't accept the $1 challenge, then I ask that you'd please at least share my donation page via your social media sites.  I appreciate each and every one of you out there!


  1. Hi! I totally agree with everything you said! It is so difficult to live with fibro. We are the people that would know about a cure if there was one! I just want to add one thing. I also hate it when people say "..but you look so well!?" Great blog. Hope you get your seminar done :-)

  2. Hi Elizabeth! I've been lucky so far and no one has ever said the "but you look so well" to me yet lol. Maybe because my insomnia is SO bad, that I usually always have dark circles around my eyes lol. If it was being said to me though, I'm sure that too would grate on my last nerve! Thank you for the compliments on the blog, I appreciate it!