Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Chronic Pain Webinar Dates

I'm holding a chronic pain webinar and hope you all join me, so that WE can all start educating and advocating for a cure for chronic pain/fatigue illnesses!  The more informed and educated that WE are, the more WE can all start making a difference.  Join me for discussions on research evidence that Fibromyalgia IS a real disorder and how that's been proven.  Learn what some of the top myth's surrounding Fibromyalgia are, and why they're myth's.  I'll discuss ideas and ways for you to try and get your family members, friends, and community members to understand what living a day in the life of a FMS/CFS/ME patient is really like.  WE'll go over some of the hurtful, rude, stereotypical comments that are sometimes directed at us.  Some of the information that WE will cover would also be very useful for you to open up a discussion to your doctor and/or his staff, if you are being treated by a doctor that doesn't act like they really believe what this awful syndrome puts us through.  We'll also go over some tips that may help you in a pain flare, along with just how little money for research the federal government hands out for research on Fibromyalgia compared to some other diseases.  I'll also be covering some statistics related to living with chronic pain that will be a real eye opener to some of you.  If WE don't start advocating for ourselves and others with our same conditions, then how can WE expect any one else to?  WE have to stand up and make people start taking notice of us, and let them know that WE refuse to sit back any longer. That WE demand our peers take notice of what WE go through on a daily basis just to survive.  I can't fight this fight alone, I need YOUR help.  This is something that WE can accomplish together though!

March 23, 2013 I'll be presenting the webinar at 2pm EST and then again at 7pm EST.  I'm also planning on presenting the webinar again on Sunday March 24th, at the same times as the Saturday presentations.  I'll except sign-ups until 10pm on Friday March 22nd.  If you'd like to join in, the cost is $25 and you're more then welcome to have your whole family, or some of your friends, sitting in with you at the webinar.  I know for me, it was a constant struggle in the beginning for my family to really grasp how Fibromyalgia truly effected my life.  My mom and youngest daughter accompanied me to my first live seminar and afterwards my mother told me that she "gets" it now.  She told me that she'd learned things from my seminar about my condition, that she hadn't known just from us talking about my condition at the mother/daughter level.  She had tears, when she finally "got it".  My daughter gave me a huge hug and told me that she's sorry that she'd blow me off when I'd want her to sit down to discuss my illnesses with her.  She also apologized for not helping me as much as she could have.  If your family & friends are having a hard time realizing what this does to your body and mind, they will really benefit from sitting in on this webinar.  

Send payment via PayPal by Friday March 22, 2013. The email address to send the money to is: jaammull (at) aol (dot) com.  Please make sure that you send it to me as a "gift".  Also, make sure that in the notes section you give me your name and which session you're signing up for.  By 12am Saturday, March 23rd, I'll email you with the instructions on where to go, to gain access to the webinar.  

The webinar will run for approximately 2 hours, give or take due to audience participation and questions.  You should have a notebook and pen handy, in case you'd like to jot some notes and/or questions down.  The more people we have joining us in our discussion, the more we all have the potential to learn from one another so please pass this webinar information along throughout all of your social media sites and by word of mouth to your friends, family, doctors, hospitals, clinics, etc.  I hope to see you all there!  

Gentle Butterfly Hugs to you all!

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