Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Celebrities With Chronic Pain?

Doing an internet search for celebrities with Fibromyalgia returned dismal results.  I came up with Michael James Hastings, Susan Flannery, Frances Winfield Brenner, and Sinead O'Conner.  Although Paula Abdul and Tobey Maguire don't suffer from Fibromyalgia, they do both suffer from different forms of chronic pain. 

Can there really only be these few famous people that suffer with Fibromyalgia?  Or does the public stigma that has followed people with Fibromyalgia in the past contributed to more celebrities just not stepping forward with their diagnosis?  If that's the case, I feel sad. 

Fibromyalgia can be debilitating.  It's real.  More proof is found all the time, of how Fibromyalgia effects people's bodies and lives.  Differences in sleep patterns, and differences in neuro activity have been identified. 

As I've stated in a previous post, the federal government allocates very little funding to the research of Fibromyalgia.  The only way this may change is if people step up and bring awareness to this syndrome.  People with the syndrome need to make themselves heard.  I'm a "nobody" in the world of knowns.  I don't have money to donate to research.  I doubt I could every make a difference in the world of Fibromyalgia and research, but I'll keep blogging and trying until the day I can't blog anymore.  I hope others with this syndrome does the same.

My oldest daughter is pursuing a master's degree in economics, with focuses on both International, and Developmental Economics.  She has some very influencial contacts that I will not publicly  name.  My youngest daughter, 16 years old, I fully suspect also has Fibromyalgia.  When she goes to college she's planning on majoring in Journalism and Communications, although her heart lies with singing and acting.  I guess I'll have to hope that one of my two girlies make it big one way or another, and can help take a stand on the research of Fibromyalgia.

I'm blogging this post today, with my left hand/finger still numb.  My head is killing me.  My back feels as if it's broke, and I'm so tired that I feel like someone has stuck an IV into me, and sucked out all of my energy.  None the less, I'm still planning on doing an Easter photoshoot with my soon to be step-grandbaby this afternoon when she gets home from the babysitter.  I refuse to throw away the things in life that I'm passionate about, just because this evil syndrome wants me to sit and do nothing for the rest of my life.  I will not cave and give up the things I love.


  1. It's amazing how we just keep on going until we can't go anymore. When you said it feels like your back is broke, that is exactly what I tell my hubby all the time. Sometimes I even tell him that I think it would feel better if I had a back brace. I too have had a headache all stinking day and the pain today is worse for some reason. I am lucky that the Ultram does not effect me the way it does you because I am taking one just as soon as these last two kiddos go home. And BTW the pictures are adorable!

  2. I'm sorry that the pain was worse today for you. Remember, you'll have days that are better then others..and days that the pain is worse then others. I hope this isn't the start of a pain flare for you. Keeping you awake isn't listed as a side effect of the Ultram so I felt like a freak. I have a good internet friend that's from Canada that told me it does the same thing to her too, though. Thank you for the compliment on the pictures!

  3. Thanks Amy. You aren't the bearer of bad news so don't worry I have been doing research and hoping what I found wasn't all true... I think it just really got to me. But I'll check out your page on Facebook for sure! Thanks again for the reply!


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