Friday, February 17, 2012

Did Someone Say, Stress?!

According to both rheumatologists I've seen, stress is a huge factor in bringing on pain flares.  I have a husband who's a local truck driver, working crazy long hours on the roads, 4 children...1 who also has pcos and depression, and I fully suspect she also has fibromyalgia, 1 soon to be granddaughter by marriage that turned 7 months old yesterday, and 2 dogs.  I don't know how not to have stress in my life.

Last night around 10pm my son called.  He's the one who is getting married soon, he's 18.  -Stress enough for me that he wants to get married and take on the responsibility of a "ready made family" at his age.  They'd been living in her grandmother's extra farm house.  The girls brother also lives there with his family.  Things turned heated last night, and they ended up needing to leave.  So, with my husband having to get up for work at 4am and take a load to PA, he had to get up and go pick up our son, his girlfriend and their baby.  He ended up not getting home and back to bed until midnight, so therefore he had to set his "start" time for later then he should've.

My son had been telling we all week that he had a cold and didn't feel good.  When he got here last night he was white as a ghost.  Stated he'd vomited a few times yesterday.  He laid on the floor and moaned and wriggled in pain from his stomach.  Finally, around 1:30am he told me he thought he was dying and had to go to the hospital.  We got there and his bp was 112/47.  They started an I.V. Gave him pain meds and zofran through the I.V.  Then they did an xray of the stomach and a CT of his entire abdomin.  Everything came back fine except the CT showed fluid around his liver.  They said that's usually indicative of hepatitis, but that his blood work all came back fine so that didn't support a hepatitis diagnosis.  They discharged him a little after 5am this morning.

This afternoon, the stomach pain started up again.  No vomiting today.  He was again laying on the floor moaning and wriggling with the pain.  Called the ER and they said to bring him back out again.  After not getting to bed until 6:30am I was just too wiped out to go with him this time.  His girlfriend drove him out, and my daughter went with them.  She just called me and said that they're starting another I.V. and doing more blood work.  They're going to check to see if he has hepatitis and they're going to check for an obstruction of his liver.  Not sure how they check, but Courtney's supposed to find out and call me back.

Keep stress out of my life?  Yeah...not happening at this point and time.  I really need a nice 1 week vacation on a beach somewhere, with a full body massage at a spa.  :/


  1. I do hope they find out what is wrong and it can be easily treated


  2. For goodness sakes! I hope that everything is okay with him! Stress is a hard thing to just make go away isn't it?

  3. Thank you both. Never have found out why the fluid around his liver, but he hasn't been in pain anymore either. Our family doc said if the pain starts again then she'll order another ct and then go from there.