Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dinner, Laundry, and A Pain Pill

What a title, right?!  That's how my day's gone so far though.  My husband has been bugging me to make salisbury steak with homemade gravy, so I thought "Well, I'm actually up early enough to get it in the crock pot in time to be done for supper tonight...and it is Valentine's Day" so I went and made it.  On Sunday, he did a couple loads of laundry for me, but it was all sitting in baskets so I decided that after I sat and let the spasms in my back stop, that I'd fold it.  So I did.  Between cooking and folding the laundry, I knew that my back and neck pain wasn't going to stop on it's own, so I downed an Ultram. 

Ultram doesn't completely take my pain away, but it does usually help it by 50-70%.  I'm just sitting here waiting on it to kick in, and hoping that today's a day that it will help.  It makes me sad that doing even the simplist of things such as cooking a favorite meal for my husband, has become such a sacrifice.  It's really not fair to my family.  -And it's not fair to me either because as much as I detest doing dishes, I absolutely love to cook.  The joy of cooking has been stole from me, by the evil grips of pain & fatigue.  Welcome to a life with Fibromyalgia.

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  1. It's funny that you mentioned Ultram because that is what my doctor gave me for my headaches and my ringing in my ears. It doesn't do a 100% job for me either but it helps somewhat. I was taking so much tylenol and ibuprofen that she was worried about my liver and kidney's and I was having some horrible headaches that she thought we maybe rebound headaches. It is a never ending cycle.