Thursday, December 13, 2012

Gourmet Scents

Gourmet Scents is a completely unique, 100% hand crafted, small business.  The owner, Las, does all of her work herself, working out of her home.  She's taken something that she tried out of the blue thinking it might be fun, and turned it into a wonderful business!  Las has been an online mommy friend of mine for about 10 years now, so I've been able to watch her and her business grow and grow.  I know the time and hard work she's put into Gourmet Scents, building it up to what it is today.  I'm very proud of her!

The photo above, is a picture of her soap petals. Yep, soap petals.  These are one of her best sellers.  People order them for all kinds of occassions ranging from using them for wedding parties, to showers, to just wanting to carry them in their purse to be able to wash 'n toss their hands while out in public.  

What these petals are, is fabric petals that she hand-dips into olive oil soap.  She has many scents available.  They come in an organza gift bag, ready to be handed off as an excellent gift or to use as a "smell-wonderful" shower or reception table decoration!  

Gourmet Scents has kindly offered to send the winner of our Holiday Gift Guide & Countdown To Christmas Giveaway winner a set of 10 soap petals and she'll even let the winner choose from 5 scents to make sure they're getting a scent they like!  Gourmet Scents offers way more then just soap petals though.  They have the most adorable soaps I've ever seen!  Check out these cupcake soaps:

These are an extremely good seller for Las.  They made an adorable addition to a baby shower or a children's birthday party.  They can serve a dual purpose in decorating, plus handing them out for party favors!  Here's a few photos of some other great sellers for birthday parties and baby showers:


I get so excited every time I look at the soaps made by Gourmet Scents.  They're all just SO stinking adorable!!  Another super hot seller for Las, is her Autism awareness soaps:

Ok, I could seriously keep posting photo's of her work all night long!  They all are just so cute that I feel like I'm cheating you all by not featuring all of them LOL!  Click any of the links above to go the Gourmet Scents website, and click HERE to go to her facebook page!  Hop on over there and "like" her page, then take a look around her photo gallery!!  She's giving you all kinds of choices and scents for the perfect & unique gifts, party favors, shower decorations & gifts, receptions, birthday parties, etc!  Your friends & family will brag that you are the "cool gift giver" this year!

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