Monday, December 17, 2012

Maddy Moo Creations

Welcome to Maddy Moo Creations!

I'm so stoked to introduce you all to Maddy Moo Creations!  The owner, Elizabeth, and I met several years ago online.  We both were a part of an online parenting group.  Elizabeth brainstormed to come up with a way to stay at home with her children, while still providing financially for her family.  This is how Maddy Moo, named after her daughter, was born.  You can read Elizabeth's story about how the company was formed, by clicking HERE.


Maddy Moo puts a whole new spin on "house parties".  With Maddy Moo, you can book a house party just like you would a Tupperware party, or any other type of home party.  A design consultant will help you and your friends design your own handbags and/or diaper bags!  That's right, with this unique approach, you and your friends will get to have a party together while each of you design your own perfect bag!  You'll choose your own exterior fabric, your own center accent fabric, your own interior fabric, handle, handle length,and the color of ribbon bow on the handle.  You'll also choose if you'd like any additional inside pockets or not, along with deciding if you want a monogram and if so which monogram font and monogram thread color.  Each bag has a different set of options you can choose from, some as what I listed above, and others with different options then what I have listed above.  Once you make your choices, your bag will be handmade then shipped to you.

Now, although you'll get special offers for being a party host, you don't have to have a party to get a Maddy Moo bag.  You can order one straight from her website!  Elizabeth insisted on sending me a Morgan bag.  The Morgan bag comes standard with 3 interior pockets, a magnetic closure, and a nylon webbing handle. Mine was done with the fabric Amsterdam Lipstick, non-monogramed.  -I love the beautiful red & white print of the Amsterdam Lipstick. There are so many fabrics to choose from!  Everything from solids, to paisley.  Stripes to dots.  You'll be assured of finding something that appeals to your taste!  My 17yr old daughter and I both love everything about the Morgan bag! 

The days of carrying around an ugly diaper bag?  Maddy Moo has put an end to that!  A lot of her bags are "design your own diaper bag", like the Hope Messenger bag that's shown above!  You can even design your own diaper pad that's totally chic and stylish.  You'll find a ton of fun accessories that you can design too!  Maddy Moo Creations offers wallets, checkbook/I.D. holders, key chains, lunch bags, mugs, and more!

To see more Maddy Moo Creation products, just click any link in this post.  -Then sit down and play with all of the fabrics, bows, pockets, etc. to see what you can come up with for your own dream bag!  Maddy Moo Creations also has a facebook page that you'll find by clicking HERE.  Check it out and leave her a quick note on her facebook page, thanking her for participating in our giveaway.  Yep, the winner of our giveaway will get to log onto the Maddy Moo Creations website and design their very own Morgan bag!  Thank you Maddy Moo!  We appreciate you!

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