Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Looking For A Unique Gift? Send Them Cookies!

Seriously, Send Them Cookies!  This company was started by two brothers, who loved their mom's cookies so much, that they took her recipes and started a business. This ensures that every cookie, brownie, pie, etc is baked with love and care.  The ship out the orders the same day they make them, so you're assured that you're getting the freshest cookies available, and they ship them anywhere in the U.S.!

The photo above is the sample pack they generously sent me.  Not only were the cookies absolutely wonderful, but the packaging of them is beautiful!  My 17 year old daughter said "Gee Mom, I hate to open them up for us to eat them.  They look too pretty!".  After eye-balling them for a bit, we were over the "prettiness" of them though, and dove right in!  They were amazing!

These treats would make a wonderful present for any occasion, let alone a great Christmas present that will undoubtedly excite any one who receives them!  This also would make an exceptional office gift.  If a person or company goes out of their way to do something nice for you and you're looking for a way to say "thanks" Send Them Cookies! Another thing I love, is that where they ship to anywhere in the U.S., is that I can order and have them sent straight to my college student.  I live in Ohio, and she's a grad student in Denver, CO.  Even though we're over 1240 miles away from each other, Nikki can still have cookies that are "mom quality".  I appreciate that Paul & Evan!

Paul and Evan also have a facebook page that you'll find by clicking HERE. Let's show their facebook page some love and thank them for participating in our Holiday Gift Guide & Countdown To Christmas, by donating a prize to our winner that will be drawn on Christmas day!  I'd really appreciate you guys showing your thanks to their page, and I know that also would appreciate it!

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