Saturday, December 22, 2012

My Dream For 2013

I'm really excited to turn my dreams into reality in 2013! A new career of helping to educate and to advocate for those with chronic pain & fatigue illnesses. I can't do this though without your help. I can't even get my page into the GoFundMe search results until the fund has received at least $100 in donations. I'd be very grateful if you all would help me to help others. Let's make 2013 the year of awareness and change in thought process for the approximate 116 MILLION people that suffer day in and day out with some sort of chronic pain illness. Pain that debilitates and takes away from a person's quality of life! If you don't suffer from a chronic pain illness, if you'd have to live ONE WEEK like we do, you'd understand WHY this is such an important feat.

I, along with approximately 115 other U.S. citizens would be extremely grateful for any help you can give us.  I also need a career, and where education and advocacy is so important to me, getting the seminars off the ground would be a dream come true for me.  The more people who know, and start to understand what people with chronic pain go through day-to-day, the better the chance we'll have at demanding further research.

I'm going to be completely honest here.  I do NOT have any quality of life the way things are.  I try so hard to hold onto my ADL's (Activities of Daily Living).  As much as I don't want to admit it, they're slowly slipping away from me.  I'm only 42 folks, and there are people who suffer like I do that's a part of The Fibro Frog, that are in their early 20's.  Research has made some great advances in the field of Fibromyalgia.  They now have proof that it's VERY real.  It's been proven that Fibromyalgia is a neuro-immune disorder.  Our nerve endings are significantly  effected.  Tests and various studies have proven that we really are having significant pain.  Brain imaging studies have also proven that the reason we're so tired all the time - wake up as tired as when we go to bed - is because we never go into the deep sleep cycle.  We don't get into REM, so we're never getting that restorative sleep that the body so desperately needs.  The old thought process of "There's nothing wrong with these people, they're just crazy and lazy" is now gone since research has proven so much.  Unfortunately, this is still the biggest myth out there surrounding people with a chronic pain condition such as Fibromyalgia.  We need funding for MORE research, so that we can advance on to find out what causes people to get Fibromyalgia.  We need funding for MORE research so we can find a CURE for Fibromylagia.  Most of us would even be completely stoked if they'd even just find a concrete universal treatment plan that would WORK for EVERYONE who's effected.  Right now we don't have that.  We have one pill for one symptom.  One pill for another symptom.  Sometimes a pill will work, then for others it won't work.  Right now, for lack of a better word, the doctors play russian roulette with us.  

Not only do I need a career that I can actually work, since there's no way in heck I could work a typical job, but I need to get the message out.  The message that "we" aren't crazy.   "We" aren't lazy.  My seminar not only hands a ton of information and resources to the person effected, but it also reaches out and shows the people who are NOT effected, how real and debilitating living with a chronic pain condition is.  It opens peoples eyes as to how much more research is needed.  If people doesn't understand the "truth's" of chronic pain, then there never will be pressure put on the government and private proprietors to give more money for more research.  Research that's needed more then I could ever convey.  I'm reaching out to everyone, to ask that you part with a couple bucks donation so I can get this dream off the ground.  If you're able to donate $5 or more, then you can donate via my GoFundMe account by clicking HERE.  GoFundMe has a minimum donation amount of $5.  If you aren't in the position to donate at least $5 but want to contribute, you can donate $1 or more via my PayPal account: jaammull(at)aol(dot)com.  

No matter what, I want to thank all of you for at least reading this and following along with my progress.  I'm blessed that I've gained so many followers in such a short time period.  Less then 1yr, and that amazes me.  I'm thankful and greatful for each and every one of you to have come into my life.  I hope you all have a Blessed holiday season.  Merry Christmas to you all!

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