Thursday, January 10, 2013


cureLauncher is a pretty neat idea.  What this site does, is create opportunities for researchers and health care workers to list the projects they're working on, so that private sectors can donate funds to help their research along.  It also lets them list their clinical trials, for every day people like you and I, to benefit from this research.

No matter how big, or how small of a donation that you can make, each and every donation will add up to help find cures for terminal illnesses.  I was blessed to help participate in a private research endeavor through my Rheumatologist back this past July.  Thanks to the private funds that were donated, a researcher at The Cleveland Clinic was able to conduct a small study looking for a certain marker in the blood of people with Fibromyalgia. I will do anything that I possibly can, to try and propel forward research on Fibro and other Chronic Pain/Fatigue illnesses. As all of us Fibromites or chronic pain sufferers know, research is key to finding a key for any life threatening or debilitating illness that's out there.  That's why I was so excited to learn about cureLauncher!

When I was asked to write a review for cureLauncher, I jumped on the chance.  Anyone who has been a part of my blog or facebook page knows that my motto is "Educate and Advocate" for understanding so that it will lead to further research, to hopefully enable a cure to be found at some point so cureLauncher is right up my alley, so to speak!  

cureLauncher is very worthy of a few minutes of your time.  Check it out, read about recent clinical trials, take a look at the current project, and even speak with a live agent while you're there!  Even with a small donation, you'll be able to feel proud that you had a hand in ground breaking research, that may save hundreds of thousands of lives over the years!  Click any words, cureLauncher, to see what all this great site has to entail!

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