Thursday, January 24, 2013

Free Blogger Opp's

Weekly Flash giveaway!

Every week we will have a flash giveaway that will last 3 days.  On each giveaway we will have only 30 bloggers.  20 Free links and 10 hosts (I hope lol).  

February 13 - 16                     $75 Amazon Gift Card
February 20 - 23                   $75 Visa Gift Card
February 27 - March 3       $75 Toysrus Gift Card
March    6 - 9                           $75 Victoria Secret Gift Card.

Each giveaway will have a different sign up form.

Free links:
-Facebook  or Twitter with announcement. (If you choose to not post the announcement the cost is $5.00.
You can get the announcement HERE.  If you are signing up for more than one giveaway on this group, you just need to do one announcement and use the same link for all the sign up form

Extra links:
-$2.00 each link.

-$15.00 You will get up to 10 links.  
I changed the way I do the RC.  Now each host will have 2 host page, One of the host page will be a RC with all the links from your blog, this way the RC is smaller, the fans get to do everything in link.

If you want to be host off all 4 giveaways you will need to pay only $50.00 ($60.00 regular)

Please send payment via paypal as a gift to melisurveys1978@gmail.com.  If your payment is not sent as gift please include $0.50 for paypal charges.

Sign up for:        $75 Amazon Gift Card
Sign up for:        $75 Visa Gift Card
Sign up for:        $75 Toysrus Gift Card
Sign up for:        $75 Victoria Secret Gift Card.

Thank you everyone for your help on these giveaways!

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