Friday, January 11, 2013

Don't Miss This Event!

Grab Your Family and Friends, and crowd around your computer this weekend!  Not only is my seminar "Living With Chronic Pain - A Patient's View" beneficial for a person suffering from chronic pain, but it's just as beneficial, if not more so, to your friends, family, and healthcare workers that do NOT suffer from a chronic pain condition themselves.  

Like the photo above says, education equals our future.  If we don't educate the people who truly doesn't understand our day to day life, then we won't have any hope in the future!  Hope for understanding. Hope for happiness.  Hope for research.  Hope for a cure.  Hope for solid, universal treatment plans that works for all.  Hope to take our lives back from this monster that steals life as most people know it.  2013 - The Year Of Hope!

The webinar is just $25 per registration, and you can have as many people crowded into around you for the live webinar as you'd like.  I "hope" to see you there!  I "hope" you help me to help you, and to help educate those in your life that just quite can't "get it" without experiencing it for themselves.  Instructions for signing up can be found on the top tab named Chronic Pain Webinar and Seminar.

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