Friday, January 25, 2013

Random Acts Of Kindness Challenge

I'm sure that everyone has heard of random acts of kindness, good karma, etc.  Well, I'm going to ask you all for two random acts of kindness.  First, let me tell you what has prompted this chain of thought.

I'm always passionate about wanting to educate and advocate.  I want more then anything for a cure to be found.  Heck, I'm not greedy, I'd even be thrilled if a new treatment plan was found that would help everyone universally.  Unfortunately though, I really don't feel as if that will ever happen any time soon. Not the way things sit right now, anyway.  

Why, you may ask?  I'll tell you why. Because there's still too much stigma out there concerning sufferers of chronic pain conditions.  There's too many myths and misconceptions. Too many people who think that either the pain and fatigue associated with Fibromyalgia, or CFS/ME, RA, Lupus, Osteo arthritis or ANY chronic pain condition for that  matter, is "all in our heads".  Or that we're attention seekers.  Or, that we're just lazy worthless people who doesn't want to do anything and contribute to society. My favorite reason of all though?  That we're drug addicts just looking for a way to get pills shoved at us.  Oh buddy, let me tell ya; I just love the fact that I feel like a walking pharmacy. I just love the fact that I have a few meds that I'm supposed to take three times a day, yet I'm lucky if I remember to take them three times a day - because that sounds like a true druggy right there, doesn't it?  I just love that while reading the possible side effects of taking a newly prescribed medicine, the information stated that long term use in mice, causes stomach cancer.  It went on to say though, that they had no idea if that would occur in humans or not. Boy, that sounds encouraging, right?  I kind of want to literally throw up each time I look at the foul little thing now.

Today and tonight were horrible in the pain department for me.  If I said the pain was bad, horrible, horrendous, debilitating, or any other adjective like that, it still wouldn't accurately describe the type of pain I've dealt with.  When I sit around in this much pain, even after taking meds, it tends to make me hate Fibromyalgia, DDD, IBS, and arthritis just a little bit more.  It makes me want to push and shove to demand more funding for further research. It makes me want to educate and advocate that much more.  The only hope we have, is if we can make others understand the importance of advocating for further research. To help them understand what a day in our lives, is truly like, so that they'll realize the importance of a cure or of a treatment plan that will actually work!  

This is where you all come in.  I've done the research.  I've mapped out all of the statistics.  I've put together a seminar that not only will give resources and interesting studies for those of us in attendance that suffer, but I also have material in there telling what a true day is like for us. It has material in there proving that this isn't in our heads, or that we're not seeking attention or faking because we're lazy or addicts.  Your packets share with you productive ways to help your family and friends to understand what this is really like for you.

Since I've been single for the past 9 months, and I haven't had a job in years due to my health, I can't foot the expense of getting this seminar out to the general public by myself.  I'm extending a challenge to you all, asking for two acts of random kindness from you.  One, is that if you can afford even a $5 donation to my seminar fund, that you'd highly consider making a donation.  $5 is the minimum amount that GoFundMe will accept.  The second act of random kindness that I'm asking you all to do, is to please share my mission, and link to either this post or directly to the GoFundMe page, throughout your social media sites.  If you have a blog, please extend this challenge to your readers.  If you have a facebook fan page, please link to this post on your page.  If you aren't a blogger or crafter with a facebook fan page, then I'd ask you to post it to your personal facebook page, extending this challenge to them and for them to extend it to their own friends and family as well. If you have a Google+ account and/or a Pinterest account, that you share this on those forms of social media.  If you have a Twitter account, please tweet this post and ask for RT's on it. 

At the age of 42, I know I'm not a spring chicken.  I'm also not an old duck yet either though.  The thought, that I may have to live another 30, 40, 50 ...years trapped inside my own personal prison is a horrifying thought to me.  

To feel exactly like you have the flu every single of your life, all the way down to nausea and skin that's sore to the touch.  Skin that hurts if it's even lightly brushed by someone else.  Or just like mine is tonight, that hurts when my shirt shifts over it while I'm typing this. To having sharp pains.  Stabbing pains.  Dull, deep pain.  Sunburn feeling pain.  Sore muscles, and joints that hurt.  Headaches.  Muscle spasms. The lack of energy.  The dozens of co-conditions that run with FMS.  It's just all. too. much. It's no wonder that depression is a co-condition of fibro.  Who wouldn't be depressed having to life every single day of your life like this?

Thank you all for taking the time to read this.  Thank you to those who will accept my challenge of the two random acts of kindness and passes the challenge on to others as well!

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