Saturday, May 5, 2012

I'm Just Stuck

My soon-to-be-ex husband was supposed to be here this morning around 7:30am-8am to help my son tear apart my car and remove the 1/2 shaft, take me to town to buy a new one, then help him replace it.  He never showed up and has his cell phone turned off.  I only have enough Amitriptyline to last through Monday and I only have FOUR Ultram pain pills left.  I had asked STBX yesterday if I gave him the money if he'd stop on his way home and get them for me, then bring them to me today when he came back over.  He told me no.  -I was stunned because he has to pass directly by my pharmacy on his way home.  Directly by.  It sit's on the main road he takes to go home.  All it would've taken is a right-hand turn into their driveway.  So now I don't have a working vehicle to get the meds myself since he didn't show.  I'm in a huge pain, insomnia, and IBS flare.  I seriously am ready to just lay down, cry my eyes out and just give up.  My son and daughter in law have a vehicle but they don't have the gas or money to drive me.  Since STBX is NOT giving me the money weekly that he agreed to in our notorized statement, I don't have any extra money to give them for gas to take me.  As a matter of fact, I'm not even sure I have enough money to pay for my meds.  I've always had insurance when getting them, but our insurance year started over new the middle of last month, so I don't have a clue what it'll cost without the deductable met.  I have $31 to my name for right now.  Yep, I'm ready to just give up.

**ETA I had to edit this post 3 times now to fix spelling errors.  I guess I'm in a FibroFog flare too.


  1. 1st off Monday morning you call your doctors office. Ask for samples! 2nd there is the Pharmacutical Assistance Program (PAP) that may help provide medication you can not afford. Ask the staff for help applying. 3rd call 211, this seems to be a universal # to get help with all of your utility bills in times of need. 4th forget the STBX as he is an Asshole! That is why he is an X. 5th....keep writing....we are out here and hear you.

  2. Lenore, right now the biggest problem is me getting to the pharmacy to get the meds. With my insurance each script only costs me $1.49 and after all of my visits and tests this coming Thursday at The Cleveland Clinic, my entire family deductable should be met. So I'm not worried about the assistance program for my meds right now. I'm just worried about how to get them. I had to slowly wean up to my dosage of Amitriptyline so I'm worried if I stop it suddenly and don't wean down, I'll have some sort of horrible reaction. I don't understand why one day I thought I was in a safe secure place in my life, and the very next day I don't even have a life anymore. I just don't understand why I deserve to have to live this way. In pain, depressed, poor, unloved, etc. I don't know why everything has to be so hard and complicated for me. I'd signed up for a free blogger opp for my other, monetized blog, and it took me over 2hrs today just to get the darn RC to start showing up in the post. When I say that absolutely NOTHING is going right for me these days, I truly mean it. NOTHING is easy right now.

  3. Well a bit of good news. I called the pharmacy on son's cell phone and the meds went through free of charge. Seems there's a $1000 spending account that they gave us to help meet deductables and the med money came from there. Now, just to get a way to go get them.

  4. Whenever I see STBX I always think to myself Stupid Bast*rd Ex.

    I don't know about your pharmacy...mine will deliver and mail out prescriptions...maybe your's does too?