Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Cries Of Chronic Pain

The Cries Of Chronic Pain

I sit and yawn, all night long,
My eyes, they burn like fire.
I can not sleep, for then I weep,
So tired, for sleep I desire.

The aches and pains, my memory games,
The cramps and numbness I feel.
I patiently wait, and try not to hate,
This illness, my fate won't seal.

Sometimes it's cramps, sometimes it's pain,
Sometimes it's memory loss, recalling the words in vein.
Sometimes it's numbness, sometimes it's depression,
Leaving one to feel, that they are to blame.

I do not see your sickness, some may say to me,
You have all your hair, and you're standing here.
Not in a hospital, or in a wheelchair,
Or anything else, that you can't bare.

Don't you see my weariness, and the dark circles around my eyes?
You don't see the tears I cry, or the fear that I won't rise?
The feeling when you look for a word, to find it nowhere around,
Sometimes you feel crazy, and not like you're so sound.

This illness doesn't discriminate, it really doesn't care,
You can be any age, don't think that you're too rare.
It's unrelenting in it's attack, it doesn't care where you're at,
It strikes you like a theif in the night, robbing you of all your delight.

Not enough research, no answers to share,
No cure for this illness, nobody to care.
No magic pill is in our sight, no government grants to make things right,
No big budgets, to forge an attack, no relief  through the night.

Sit and plan your day if you dare, with this illness it will not care,
It will not care, what you want to do.
This illness will try to define who you are, leaving you feel empty,
your heart in a jar, leaving you with feelings that are just untrue.

One by one, we have to fight,
speak our minds, and make things right.
Cry out to one and all, make your voice heard,
Put up a fight, never give up while looking for a knight.

The more that hear, and learn to understand,
invisible illness will lose the upper hand.
Chronic pain, our way of life,
Someday will not, give us strife.

Don't sit silent, in your own pain,
Stand up and demand, the world make a gain.
Gain to understand, this illness and it's desire,
Science needs to learn, how to put out the fire.

The louder we speak, and the straighter we stand,
The better chance we have, to make the demand.
Demand that fibro, and all chronic pain,
Get the funding it deserves, so our lives aren't in vein.

Chronic pain can get us down, make us lose our own self-esteem,
Only if we don't let it, we need to fight like a team.
One voice for all, let it be known,
We won't stop, we'll continue to scream.

Until a cause, and a cure is found,
We won't shut up, or lie on the ground.
We will fight with all we've got, educating the public never to stop,
Not until a cure is found, will they be able to drown out our sound.

Copyright © The Fibro Frog and Amy Mullholand.  Reproductions available with written consent and a linkback to this original copy.


  1. Well said hon. So well said.

  2. Thank you L. Hugs to you, my friend.