Sunday, May 6, 2012

I Demand To Be Heard

My illness (all of them) may be invisible, but my voice isn't!   May is Fibromyalgia Awareness Month, along with several other neuro-immune disorders. What better month for me to start working hard to break into public speaking? This week I'm going to start contacting groups, organizations, universities, etc. to introduce myself, my mission, and to try and book a seminar. It'll never happen unless I make it happen. If you know of a church, organization, university, medical group, etc. that may be able to utilize my service, please either give me their contact information, or give them mine. My seminar will be "Living With Chronic Pain/Invisible Illness - A Patient's View".  Let's work together and try to educate as many people, med students, lawyers, politicians, researchers, etc that we can! Let's take a stand and DEMAND attention!

May 11th (1 day before the official Fibro Awareness DAY) will be only 3 months that The FibroFrog Blog and FB Fan Page have been in operation. In that short time, we've already reached a Google Page Rank of 2 (which is GREAT for this short of a time period), my Klout Score has Sky Rocketed to a 60, and we're at almost 1200 FB Fans. I've had several mentions and DM's on Twitter. Several blog posts/articles have been featured in many online newspapers, as well. I feel that's phenominal, and proves that there are MANY of us out there, and many "interested" people. I'm passionate to educate on this subject, and feel that public speaking and seminars on this, is what I'm supposed to do. I feel like this is the reason I got sick in the 1st place.  I'm asking all of YOU to be my personal agents and help me be heard!  Spread the word about our illness, about me, and about my seminar.  Let's let it be known that we demand acknowledgement, research and CURE!

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