Thursday, March 22, 2012

Extreme Temperatures

Does the real hot, or real cold temperatures bother you?  It sure does me.  Yesterday I ate a pain pill, then steam cleaned my living room and dining room.  I figured I'd really pay for that today, but was surprised that I wasn't completely wiped out today from it.  Fast forward now, to 6pm and 83 degrees outside, and I feel like I'm dying!

I hurt just to barely move my arm to type.  I feel like I'm going to pass out.  All of my energy is just drained.  It's as if I had a plug in me, that someone pulled and drained all of my energy out.  My muscles are just burning and aching.  I've noticed that extreme cold makes me feel the same way.

I've taken the lazy way out, and ordered pizza to be delivered for supper tonight.  There's just no way I could stand in a hot kitchen over a hot stove, and prepare a meal tonight.  My spoons for the day are gone.  I almost feel like I don't even have one left to eat with, but know I have to eat.  I'd love to go take a cool shower, but there just aren't any spoons for that today. 

I had my son go and dig my bedroom air conditioner out of the garage.  Once it cools down in there, I just may retire to the bedroom and read on my Kindle.  The only problem is, my mattress is so old and dilapidated though, that it hurts me to be in it very long.  Right now, my wish list consists of a queen sized Tempur Pedic bed, central air for the house, an inground pool and a hot tub.  The pool would be used for the aqua-therapy that I'm supposed to do.  If only I couldn't convince my insurance that it was medically necessary so that they'd pay for one to go in my back yard LOL.  -Same with the hot tub, bed and central air.  Unfortunately, I don't think they'd see it my way.  =P

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