Sunday, March 18, 2012

Flu, Fibro, or Arthritis?

Sorry for the lack of blog posts, I've been so sick.  I've had fever between 100-101, chills, sweating, coughing, sore throat, headache, wheezing, body aches, and stuffy nose.  In other words, I've been completely miserable.  As I sit here feeling miserable and sorry for myself, I wonder how much of how I feel is the flu (or whatever I have), how much is fibro, and how much is from the arthritis.

It's thundering and raining here, which is a relaxing combo for me.  I've drugged myself with some Nyquil, and I'm about to lay down for a nap.  I only wish I had a bed that didn't hurt me to sleep in.  Between the AC Joint Arthritis in my shoulders, and the fibro pressure points, I toss and turn the entire time.  I'll have to be up by 4pm though, to start supper.  Tonight I'm making meatloaf...brocolli, rice & cheese casserole...and macaroni 'n cheese.  Sick or not, dinner must go on.


  1. Well I hope you get to feeling better. I would think that the fever, coughing, sore throat and wheezing is not fibro or any of the Ritis clan. I have been sick twice with bronchitis since the first of December and the daycare kiddos seem to all have been sick all winter. I hope you kick whatever you have and can enjoy some of this great weather we have been having.

  2. You have finally been included in Fibro Bloggers Directory and sorry for delay.
    I always feel i can't get comfy in bed anymore: just thought it was the condition - not the bed.

  3. Hi found you on Fibro Bloggers - hope you are feeling much better.

  4. Hi Tammy,
    Yes, I know that the fever, coughing, etc was not fibro or arthritis. I was mostly thinking about my body aches and pain LOL. Today I'm fever free, and feel like I'm on the mend!

  5. Hi Good,
    Thank you for the inclusion in the Fibro Blogger's Directory, I appreciate the add! A lot of the pain I feel laying in bed is probably due to the condition, but I have an old, delapidated mattress that would probably make anybody hurt LOL. My research has shown that memory foam mattresses, such as a Temper Pedic, can make a world of difference in a person with fibro. It relieves all of the pressure points. I'm unfortunately not in a position right now to purchase one, but it is on my wish list LOL.

  6. Hi Clay :waving:
    Welcome to The Fibro Frog! I'm happy to have you here, and hope to learn about you as you become comfortable sharing. -We're all in this together! I also have a facebook page, with the same title "The Fibro Frog". This blog and the FB fan page are both "new", but there's more fans there, then followers here. We'd love to have you join us there, as well. The fan page is where you can vent, share, or just silently read along. Hoping to make it a nice, supportative environment for anyone who suffers from any type of chronic pain. =)