Sunday, March 11, 2012

Super Woman Today, Probably Means I Crash & Burn Tomorrow

I didn't feel too bad today, so I took advantage of it!  We took my daughter shopping for her prom dress, then we went over and visited my parents for awhile.  On our way back home we stopped by Walmart quickly, then stopped and got a sandwich.  It felt good to get out for a bit!

After we were home for a little while, I decided to go out and bake a cake.  Chocolate, with vanilla icing.  Yum!  Then around 10:30pm my son said "I'm hungry.  Mom, you know what sounds good?"  I said "What?".  He said "one of your big, huge omlettes.  I'll go to the store and get the stuff to make them, if you'll make them.".  I told him ok.  So at 11:30pm I was standing out in the kitchen making four, four egg omlettes with all the fixings.  Ham, bacon, onion, green peppers, mushrooms, and cheese.  I finally sat down to eat mine, the 4th one, at 12:20am. 

Now I'm exhausted, my back is killing me, and my neck is killing me.  I'm hoping I can move tomorrow LOL.  My daughter took a picture of herself with her cell phone, while she was in the dressing room trying on her dress.  Therefore, the picture quality is very low and it doesn't begin to do justice to her or her dress.  In her picture, the dress looks kind of brown.  In reality, it's more of a drab green (almost the color of green that the old Army uniforms were).  The accent beads on it are a reddish-brown that matches her hair color almost exactly!  I'm posting the picture she took, but when prom day is here, the end of next month, I'll post some GOOD one's of her in it!

My youngest child, Courtney.  She's 16 and a junior in high school.


  1. I think her dress is very pretty, as so is she. I am feeling my pain today. My cousin is selling their house and when they bought the darn thing about 5 years ago, all the closet doors had never been stained and finished so guess what? Yep, I was sanding and staining all the doors from their house yesterday and I feel like I got ran over by a truck. There is not a muscle or joint in my body that is not killing me today. I just want to crawl back into bed and call it a day. Luckily because they have the house up for sale and aren't going to be living there I am only putting one coat of polycrylic on them. Woo Hoo!! Uggg!! My friends today are cyclobenzaprine and Ultram and the other regulars like Cymbalta, Toprimate and meloxicam. I am such a mess today! I say we both just call it a day!!

  2. Oh Tammy, I'm so sorry that you're in so much pain today. =( The work you did yesterday, makes me look like I did nothing! Rest up today honey. I hope you feel better tomorrow!