Friday, March 2, 2012

Sleep Deprivation

Every little thing is bothering me emotionally.  I'm tired.  I hurt.  I went out to wash up the few dishes that was out there, and found 2 bowls sitting in the sink 1/2 full of milk with tons of dripping, soggy cereal still sitting in them.  I wanted to cry.  One by one I took the bowls to the trashcan and was spooning the wet, soggy cereal out into the trash.  By the time I'd accomplished that, washing out the sinks, and stacking the dishes my back hurt so bad that I had to come sit down.  Dishes will have to wait. 

Trying to ease the pain without having to take one of those evil Ultram pills, I thought I'd go rest in a tub of hot water.  I go into the bathroom and pull back the shower curtain, to see a bottle of shampoo and a bottle of conditioner laying on the floor of the tub.  As if that wasn't bad enough (having to bend and reach to pick them up), there was clumps of women's shave gel and stray hairs all over the tub.  At that point I just blinked back tears, threw my towel on the rack and walked back out.

The culprit of the kitchen and bathroom messes?  My 16yr old daughter.  The bowls were from her and her friend that spent the night last night, and the tub was from her shower she took right before she hurried out the door to spend the night with another friend of hers.  Had she been home, her little butt would've been cleaning up after herself.  I was so annoyed, disgusted, pissed off...whatever you want to call it, that I called her cell phone and told her that she's to be home by noon tomorrow and that she's grounded for one solid week.  No computer besides doing her school work, no cell phone, no one coming to visit or spending the night, and she isn't going anywhere. 

I have a ton of stress right now in my family life.  That, coupled with the sleep deprivation and pain is making things almost unbearable right now.  I want to cry so bad, but I refuse to let myself start because I'm not sure I'd ever stop.  When you're so tired and worn out, all the little things just seem to bother you 100X worse.  This has been a long, horrible day.  I'm praying that I'll sleep tonight and that tomorrow will be a much better day.  It better be, because I'm seriously about to snap. I honestly am not sure how much more I can take.  Oh, and my hand and finger is still numb.  One week now.

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  1. Wow, sounds a day in my life. I hope that things get better for you. That numbness sounds like a pinched nerve thing, I hope that you get that figured out.